Frank Tait for NRA Board of Directors

Frank Tait for NRA Board of Directors    

To my fellow Second Amendment Advocates:

Here is my interview by Rob Pincus at he NRA Board meeting is September where I outline why i am running.  Interview here

I'm the Benefactor Life member and NRA Training Counselor that stood up at the NRAAM and put my name of the resolution calling out the improprieties that are not being addressed by the board and expressing No Confidence in the Audit, Executive and Finance committees of the board for their oversight and governance of the organization.

To get the oversight that we are entitled to, we need new board members that are committed to being focused on our members, and our second amendment rights.

I am running on the agenda outlined by Save the Second with these objectives:

        Reduce the size of the board to a manageable level;

        Term limits for board members;

        Require minimum attendance at board meetings;

        Exercising appropriate oversight of management;

        Refocus on LISTENING to the membership; and,

        Get back to our roots of firearms training and education.  

      Why - to address items such as in this referenced lawsuit Dellaquila files Class Action Lawsuit

      Endorsed by:

              Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC) 

              Jeff Knox of The Firearms Coalition 

                  Trigger Pressers Union

      Passionate ambassador for firearm safety and marksmanship for over 15 years

      • NRA Training Counselor

        NRA CCW Instructor

        Certified Home Firearm Safety

        Certified Pistol

        Certified Rifle

        Certified Shotgun

        Personal Protection In The Home

        Chief Range Safety Officer

        Volunteer for NRA Youth Day

        Instructor for Revere's Riders

        Instructor for Project Appleseed

        Instructor for Operation Blazing Sword

      • A proven leader with over 20 years of success in boards and senior executive management in setting policy for for-profit and non-profit organizations with service on Audit, Finance, Executive, Governance, Human Resources, Nominating and CEO Search committees and leadership roles as Board Chair, Board President, Secretary and Treasurer. 

      Active in Southeast PA Friends of NRA supporting NRA Foundation programs 


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      Pledge to NRA Members 

      Nomination by Petition of the Members

      I will ALWAYS run by petition, look members in the eye & meet them in person at events all over the nation. I will stay as long as I am of use to the members, continuing to earn their their trust even if nominated by the internal nominating committee in the future. 

      Term Limit and Attendance

      I will walk the talk of the Save the Second movement  on term limits and even if term limits are not implemented, I commit to serving no more than 3 terms on the board of directors and to attending every board and assigned committee meeting.  Boards need new blood and 3 terms is more than enough to make an impact.

      On My Dime

      The NRA is a non-profit.  I will provide financial support to the organization as one of my top 3 charities each year. 

      I will not take any money from the organization.  I will pay my own expenses.  Our members money needs to be focused on programs and defending our rights.

      Transparency and Accountability

      I will be visible to the members attending events like Friends of NRA and NRA events and gun club meetings around the country.  I will continue to advocate for our rights at the federal, state and local level. I will be an advocate for the members to the board.  The lines of communication will always be open for NRA members.  I will keep members informed.